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Case Studies




The Henry Beaufort School, Winchester

Refurbishment of a Granwood sports hall floor including application of new court markings.

Image of block flooring waiting to be laid
Image of replacement block flooring being laid

Belvue High School, Northolt during the Covid-19 lockdown

Following flooding caused by a burst water main, a new, solid oak, woodblock floor was laid at Belvue High School, Northolt during the Covid-19 lock-down. With strict working practices in place and limited personnel on site, the end result is proof that we were able to adapt and function to our usual high standards, despite the necessary restrictions.

Image of block flooring waiting to be laid
Image of replacement block flooring being laid

The Maynard School, Exeter – Summer 2019

Installation of new gymnasium floor including structural support framework for retractable seating.

We are often asked to do more than simply re-lay a tired or worn-out floor and this job is a good example of how we rise to an engineering challenge.

Some time before the original flooring had come to the end of it’s natural life retractable tiered seating had been installed, resting directly on the floor. Whilst the structure under the original floor was basically sound the weight of this seating, once occupied, was on the limits of safety, so the school took this opportunity to engage us to reinforce the structure. Box-section steels that matched the depth of the original joists were discreetly installed to take the weight, and a new floor laid directly over the top, giving a stunning finish to this multi-purpose hall.

Image of block flooring waiting to be laid
Image of replacement block flooring being laid

Wood block floor – Queens Park Primary School, Westminster

Following incidental water damage, caused by a central heating leak, approximately 150m2 of original oak block flooring needed to be replaced. Drying and subsequent repair of the underlying concrete slab preceded re-laying the new floor. Replacement oak blocks were sourced and milled to size by our reputable timber supplier and re-laid in herringbone pattern, consistent with original flooring laid in other areas of the Grade II listed building.

Granwood floor – St Mary’s Church, Southampton

Refurbishment of this iconic church required trenches to be cut in the floor for the installation of audio/ visual cables. Historic listing status necessitated relaying the original Granwood floor to both the side aisles and transept to provide a seamless repair. Following weeks of painstaking, intricate work the end result both maintains and enhances the architectural beauty of the building.

Resurfacing of wood block floor – University College School, Hampstead

Floorteq were challenged with the task of restoring the original wood block floor of the main reception hall following years of neglect. Approximately 40 years’ worth of accumulated surface coatings were stripped off using a combination of surface grinders and specialist sanding equipment. Following extensive fine surface sanding and the application of three coats of lacquer the beautiful oak block floor is testament to the building’s historic splendour.

These images show the floor ‘before and after’ Floorteq’s intervention. The ‘after’ shot shows protective layers of polythene both around the edges of the hall and suspended above, protecting the balcony and historic structures above from any dust ingress during the work.


Gymnasium floor – Beacon Sports Centre, Beaconsfield

The original Gransprung floor in this community centre had reached the end of its useful life, having been irreparably damaged over many years. Junckers Silvasport solid beech flooring was specified to replace the old floor incorporating a specially designed undercarriage to provide support for retractable bleacher seating. The hall is now fully utilised by numerous community groups and sporting teams who really value this newly refurbished facility.

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