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Granwood Floors – laid to last

Granwood blocks were invented in the early 1900’s, made from cement, plaster, lime and sawdust. The ingredients were mixed together, then hydraulically press formed into blocks which are incredibly hard wearing but also retain some degree of flexibility. Typically this type of floor is laid in locations as diverse as local village halls, school gymnasiums, churches and sports centres. Many Granwood floors installed over 50 years ago are still in use today. Around 70% of the UK’s indoor sport is played on a Granwood surface each week.

We offer a scrub and polish service for both solid and Gransprung floors. This involves mechanically scrubbing the floor using chemical strippers to remove dirt and old coatings followed by the application of fast drying emulsion polish which offers maximum, durable protection. The frequency of this process depends entirely on the type, quantity and intensity of usage. A heavily used hall or conference centre will probably need to be re-coated every year or so.

Badly worn floors, requiring more serious attention, can be screened, prepared and re-coated by applying three new coats of finish. Individual blocks or damaged patches are carefully cut out and replaced with new blocks before machine sanding to provide a smooth, flat surface. Evident cracks or minor dents can easily be filled using specialist epoxy filler, colour matched to the existing floor.


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