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Buildings of historic interest, including those with listing status, demand a unique and tailored approach to maintenance and restoration. A professionally restored hardwood floor helps to enhance and showcase a building’s architectural splendour and with correct maintenance and care will last for decades. It is common to find timber floors which have been ignored because they are considered beyond restoration, but with sympathetic treatment, almost all historic timbers can be restored, much like a piece of antique furniture.

Where necessary, whole boards, parquet panels and marquetry borders can be replaced with matching antique timbers sourced from reputable suppliers, including reclamation specialists. This is the most effective and aesthetically pleasing solution as the alterations are almost impossible to distinguish from the original floor. Replacement sections can be spliced in, missing components can be re-constructed and bad filling can be rectified. 

Preserving patination is the principal aim of the restoration process. In the first instance layers of grime, applied coatings and old wax can be carefully removed using traditional cleaning techniques before resorting to industrial sanding machinery. Wherever possible the choice of natural wax or finish coating is also considered to both enhance the wood’s natural colour and grain and provide protection against intended use. 

Sanding should be considered the last resort because it has the potential to destroy the invaluable patination that wood develops over years of wear. The very nature of the sanding process can cause significant impact and harm to other areas of the building, if undertaken without care and due diligence. Floorteq use the latest dust containment and filtration equipment to minimize dust. We are accustomed to producing detailed method statements and risk assessments to help safeguard the working environment.

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