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Sprung Floors – designed to protect the user

Solid plank floors are a dynamic and cost-efficient solution for many gymnasiums and indoor sports arenas.

They are quick and easy to install and the latest undercarriage support systems offer good shock absorption and protection against injury, making them ideally suited for competitive team sports such as basketball and volleyball. The right finish can also help to enhance shoe traction and grip.

American maple and to a lesser extent European beech, are incredibly dense, durable hardwoods which make them very resilient to heavy wear and tear. Hardwoods of this type are incredibly stable and therefore less responsive to changes in the environment i.e. humidity and temperature.

Both maple and beech in particular have a light, uniform appearance with a smooth grain texture. Not only is this ideal for applied court line markings, the overall appearance is visually bright and appealing.

The life expectancy of a hardwood floor, if maintained correctly, can be 50 years or more, compared to manufactured, synthetic wear layers which typically need replacing every 10 years or so.

    We offer a complete installation, repair and re-finishing service for gymnasium floors and multi-use arenas.

    A screen and re-coat involves abrading the surface using very fine sanding screens to remove dirt and fine surface scuff marks. In so doing, it creates a key for additional coats of lacquer. The process is designed to enhance the existing wear surface and provide ongoing protection for tired or heavily used areas. The frequency of this process depends entirely on the type, quantity and intensity of usage. A heavily used sports hall will probably require screening and re-coating every 2 – 3 years.

    Sanding and re-finishing, as the description suggests involves sanding the surface back to bare wood. All the old coats of lacquer are removed and any discrepancies between individual planks are sanded flat, ready for the application of new coatings. This process is required when visual damage is evident in the form of deep scratches, divots or peeling, friable surface coatings, typically every 10-15 years or so, depending on use.

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